Marijuana Leis

      Marijuana Leis for reggae parties and smoke out rallies. Marijuana Leis for some smoking hot fun. Pot leaf leis and grass skirts, hawaiian shirts and dresses for hawaiian theme events. Budget pot lei in your favorite color. Tropical party attire completes the luau. Imitation dank buds and chronic flowers with a special flavor of the islands out last the heat. Beachwear comfort and lots of luau fun await your next party. Bright colors and the scent of blossoms fill the air as the fruity island potions are handed out from the tiki bar. Sandals shuffle the deck as bright leis sway to the island beat. Tiki bars over flow with fruity concoctions for thirsty guests. Beachwear and swimwear are the fashion of the day. Drawstring pants and leis adorn the night. Brightly colored artificial silk leis are perfect for your next luau. A great item for your guests to take home to remember what a blast they had. Your luau will be the envy of all your friends with just afew island accents. Always put into your glove compartment before driving home.
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Hawaiian Leis

Marijuana Leis

Farm fresh products for the medical card
holders in certain states. Marijuana pot
leaf leis will certainly look real enough
to wear to your next court hearing. Great
for stoner, rasta and reggae costumes,
traffic court and smoke out rallies.

1 Pc. (9750) $6

1 Doz. (9751) $48


Fire Leaf Hula Skirts

Take a hit of the islands mon. An interesting 420 take
on the original Hawaiian punch. Streaming strands of
tropical flowers mixed with a delightful shower of flora.
30" of greenery with an adjustable waist up to.

1pc. (9701) $8

Doz. (9702) $84

6 Doz. (9705) $430

Glitter Marijuana Leaf Glasses

Seeing the world through rose colored glasses ain't
nothing compared to these babies. Glittery sparkles
of greenery that stand out in a crowd but just dark
enough so that you aren't even noticed.

Ganja Glasses
1 Doz. (238D) $34

1 Pair (238S) $4

Big Kahuna Leis

Jumbo bright 3" hibiscus blooms tightly packed
for a hefty 40". Thick as tropical fog a myriad
of exuberent colors pounce from the neckline.

1 Doz. (9811) $20

3 Doz. (9813) $49

36 Doz. (9836) $480

Blossom Hawaiian Leis

Dainty multicolored leis of plum blossoms and spacers
strung along 38". Great example of our economy line
these pointed blooms and chiffon colors are a luau staple.

1 Pc. (9750) $1

1 Doz. (9751) $8

4 Doz. (9754) $28

36 Doz. (9756) $199

Molokai Leis

Clouds of pastels flow through floral disks in a pleasant
display. From the economy bulk line full hibiscus blossoms
adorn this resort theme companion.

1 Pc. (9760) $2

1 Doz. (9761) $9

3 Doz. (9763) $24

36 Doz. (9766) $224

Hibiscus Leis

Full chromatic assault for the party senses.
Solid 3" hibiscus petals off set by an opposing
intermingled blossom. Very classy and unique
version of Hawaiian leis.

1 Doz. (8441) $18

3 Doz. (8443) $42

36 Doz. (8446) $399

Coconut Top

What a lovely pair of coconuts. Real tropical
coconut bra top just like the islanders wear.

1 Pc. (950) $6

1 Doz. (950D) $48

Coconut Bra Top

Foam coconut top for a little extra room &
a realistic appeal. Light wieght and oh so
comfortable for the wearer. Great new style
for an 'Au Natural' look.

1 Pc. (952) $4

1 Doz. (952D) $36

2 Doz. (952T) $48

Shell Top

Collected from the sea floor attractive
shell tops keep exposure to a minimum.
White plastic shells and string ties.

(1700) $9

Leaf Bra Top

Fresh jungle look for tropical costumes. Foliage
bra top to add some greenery to your hula steps.
Great for hula girls, mermaids and Jungle Jane.

1 Pc. (8760) $6

Coconut Purse

Handcrafted from a real polished coconut. Each one is cleverly fashioned into a unique, compact tropical purse. Fabric lined with a drawstring chamber to carry all your night out necessities. A secure tight zipper seals in your valuables, for a worry free trip about town. Small, casual and a perfect match to all of our beachwear.

(333) $8

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